Sunday, May 30, 2010

Preparing for a day in the sun

On one of the days during the three-day Memorial Day weekend, our friend S invited us to her parents' pool at their home on Long Island. We were so excited as it was B's first time in the pool!

We had one weekend to prepare before the big dip, so we started doing research on floaties, swim diapers and bathing suits. We shopped around online and decided on the Babyspring Float, which he ended up hating, Huggies Little Swimmers, and we got him swim gear from Old Navy.

Before we left the apartment, I double checked our diaper bag to see that everything was stocked. Then I worked on preparing a second bag with his swim gear, some toys, and a few books (of course). I then packed a third bag with Joon and my stuff like towels, an extra change of clothes, and sunblock. Packing for a one day excursion involves so much that I can't even imagine what it would be like having to pack for a whole weekend or dare I say a whole week!

Dousing him with sunblock

All smiles en route to the pool

Family photo

Another one

Baby and me

hanging out poolside

Baby and daddy making sure mommy's watching over

B ended up enjoying the water and had a great time. He was so tired on his way home.

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