Monday, February 8, 2010

My List of First-Time Mommy Must Haves

My Personal Must Haves: (I've put the brands we use in parenthesis)

1. Diapers (Pampers Swaddlers)-- you'll need TONS and TONS of these
2. Wipes (Huggies Sensitive)
3. Changing Pad
4. Nursing Pillow (I swear by the Boppy)
5. Carseat (Graco Snugride)
6. Stroller (Bugaboo Cameleon)
7. Diaper bag (Hop and Skip Dash Deluxe)
8. Baby Carrier (Baby Bjorn Air)
9. Bathtub (Fisher-Price Precious Planet Whale of a Tub)
10. Drying Rack (First Years Spin and Store Dry Rack)
11. Bottles (Born Free)
12. Swaddling Blanket (Miracle Blanket)
13. Diaper Pail (Diaper Dekor Plus)
14. Camera (Canon Rebel xsi)

For nursing mommies:
1. Nursing Pillow (Boppy)
2. Double Electric Pump (Lansinoh)
3. Breast Milk Storage Bags (Lansinoh)
4. Breast Milk Storage Bottles (Lansinoh)
5. Nursing Wrap (Hooter Hiders)
6. Baby Vitamin-Trivisol

Advice to First-time mommies from a First-Time Mommy:

We've spent lots of money of our own and were gifted things costing tons of money that Ben hasn't particularly liked. Not only have they been a waste of money, they're creating more clutter than our apartment can hold!

Some parents swear by bouncy chairs, for example, and their babies can't live without them, but others find that their babies hate them. Ask a friend if you can borrow these for a few days before making the purchase. You'll save yourself money and you could buy something you need with that money... like more diapers!!

What are some of your mommy must-haves? Has anyone used any of these items?

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  1. I was just going to say that my advice was to make sure that you borrow a major item before purchasing the swing or the bouncer chair. Our son LOVED the bouncer chair, but could have cared less about the swing...until recently when he started to pump his legs so it would go faster the little dare devil...of course, we DID borrow a swing to test it out and thought it was magic and then when we got our own he changed his mind about even that precaution didn't stop us from cluttering up our living room with one more thing.

    As far as a mommy must was bibs. Tons of bibs. At one point he was going through 4-5 a day. He was a prolific spit-upper and then a drooler. He also had a lot of 'babyish' bibs that I hated because I would dress him up like a little boy in bold colors, and then put a pastel green bib on him. Bleh. Eventually he got too big for the smallest bibs, so I went to target and got some with monsters and aliens on them which were at least a little more fun than the baby block ones :)